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Our group has recently obtained funding to continue the work on population coding in the retina and to probe the sensitivities of the visual system to higher-order statistics in natural scenes. These exciting projects include collaboration with experimental groups in the US, France, and Israel. See the publication page for the questions we are interested in!



Our group, in collaboration with the groups of Iain Couzin at Princeton University and Elad Schneidman at the Weizmann Institute, received the Human Frontier Science Program grant for work on Information processing and computation in fish groups. We are looking for students and postdocs wanting to participate in this exciting research!

Positions for Postdocs and graduate students are available in the group of Gašper Tkačik at IST Austria.

Our focus is on analyzing information processing in various biological networks. Our research thus spans the range from biophysics of signal transduction and genetic regulation, to computational neuroscience and neural coding, statistics of naturalistic inputs, and collective motion in groups of organisms. Our analytical tools overlap with those of information theory, statistical physics and machine learning

Motivated postdoc candidates with a strong record of independent research, a desire to cross disciplinary boundaries, and a PhD degree in physics, engineering, computer science, mathematics or related areas are encouraged to apply by sending a brief statement of research interests and CV to Gašper directly.

PhD candidates with background in hard sciences and a curiosity in how living systems detect signals, process them and make decisions on all levels of biological organization are welcome. The application is through IST Graduate School; already admitted students please contact Gašper directly for either rotation or PhD projects.